Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Autumn Transition - Lips

I think I may have slipped into a wintery state of mind while I was picking these lip shades, but if I'm honest, I've been cherishing every icy wind Melbourne has thrown at me lately so I can't say that it is a big surprise. Since I'm quite fair (ghost white, perhaps?) plum and wine shades tend to suit me, or at least they do in my opinion. A nice blush and a shot of sheer dark lip gets me pumped for cooler weather and I've pulled out some colours to inspire my autumn palette.
 A mix of high and low-end products eventuated from my rummage through the newly built makeup drawers (sadly not an Ikea Alex, but just as loved by me!) The effort to push myself into using my unloved lip products is also highlighted in this lot, with the book-ends of the line-up being practically brand new in condition.
For a juicier lip look I grabbed out my YSL Glossy Stain in Mauve Pigmente and my L'Oreal Shine Caresse in Lolita*. I haven't used the Shine Caresse's all that much despite being hyped for their release for the longest time, and the YSL Glossy Stain is a shade that sometimes streaks and is a bit dark for most of my daytime looks. Luckily I quite like wearing these out at night (lasting power and such) so this slots nicely into the line-up. 
YSL Mauve Pigmente - Revlon Berry Smoothie - Natural Compatibles Berry - L'Oreal Lolita* - MAC Plumful - Maybelline Lust for Blush*
In what seems to be an alarming trend now that I'm looking at it, yet another lip range that I own but don't use often is the Revlon Lip Butters - yes, those infamous sheer balm type products that often don't pack enough punch for me! Berry Smoothie seems like a good shade to ease myself into using these (important considering I own pretty much the entire original shade line-up!) Same goes for Lust for Blush*, which I have heard so many great things about but I was too love struck by Petal Rebel* (<3) to give it so much as a decent swatch.
The serious ball players for autumn? Natural Compatibles Berry*, my beloved matte lipstick that makes me feel a million dollars and that I would hate to be without. Every year when the air chills I pull this stunner out and swoon over how amazing it is to have a lipstick make me feel this way *love letter to Berry, over and out!* Another true lip love of mine is MAC Plumful, which in my opinion is the perfect shade to ease anyone into plum or wine lips.
So what do we think of my lip picks?
Do you have any nice plum, berry or wine toned lip shades I need to swatch?

Emma @ emmabovarybeauty

*Marked products were provided for consideration. Honesty, always.


  1. Lovely shades, all of them are so nice and I would actually wear!
    Berry Smoothie is one of my faves too :)

  2. I love mattes a lot, too! I think there is a beautiful NARS pure matte in a deep berry...Valparaiso, I think? That I would love to have. I also like YSL Forbidden Burgundy... ;)

  3. Ohh such pretty colours. I'm obsessed with plums at the moment. Everytime I go to buy a lip product, it seems to be plum!

  4. Omg...plumful looks sooo beautiful! Berry smoothie from revlons lip butter line is my favorite of all the 5 I have, the next of my favorite is Sugar Plum, it's a much deeper more purple type of plum shade! You should check that one out too!

  5. I really like berry smoothie, the only one from that range I kept and use. PLumful looks beautiful

  6. OMG!! They are all so very pretty. Love the shades that you have chosen. They are indeed all perfect for Autumn.


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