Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Neutrogena Wave

Mother in law gifted this one, and I am smooth-cheeks over heels in love! The idea of skincare+gadgetry in a single product always hooks me in, and this is no exception! You attach a new pad to the wave every time you cleanse, and discard after use, making it a super-hygienic option. You attach the pad to the wave, run it under water, push the button and you're ready to rock and roll! Here are my opinions on the Neutrogena Wave.

=) great colour, and is comfortable to hold
=) can be used in the shower
=) comes with pads in the starter pack, and a battery too
=) two varieties of cleansing pads, one regular (smells lovely) and blackhead (still nice, just not as nice)
=) leaves skin feeling ULTRA smooth

=( not the cheapest cleanser you can choose
=( a pack lasts me a fortnight, cleansing morning and night, so regular repurchase is necessary
=( you need to remove makeup before using this, as I find it much more effective on makeup-free skin

I recently grabbed a few of the blackhead cleansing pads boxes for $5.50 from Priceline, when the normal retail price is round the $13-$14 mark. Bargain! (Yes, I bought MIL some, too!)
I also spotted the actual unit itself for $6 (normally retails for approx. $15) I think it was in Coles but am not 100%...keep your eyes out ladies!


  1. oooh looks interesting! i shall keep my eyes out indeed! x

  2. Such a good prod, only vibrates gently so it's not too crazy=)

  3. Oh! I had never read about this before! Thanks so much for being the first blogger I know to review this product! I think I would love to try it. I am a new follower here, very pleased to meet your blog,

  4. I am following your blog now, too=)
    It's such a great product, might sound silly but it really does make cleansing fun!

    emmabovary x

  5. i always see the ad for this, but I've never seen a review for it so it was good to read :)
    I'm going to grab one for myself now !


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