Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Soft on the Eyes Palette 'Sub-Lime'

It's common to see me wandering my local Priceline in a world of my own, filling up a basket and gazing at the prodz on offer. My first stop is generally the make-up isle, before I shuffle on to skincare, haircare, and end up in fragrances. A few months back something in the el cheapo basket caught my eye- a light khaki green container I didn't recognize.Normally the basket is filled with broken shadows and grubby lipsticks, but this seemed in perfect nick...Flipped it over to see four adorable eyeshadow pigments sitting beneath a $3.73 price sticker. Sold! It wasn't until I got it home that I realised it was Revlon!
The palette is from the Soft on the Eyes range, and this particular set is 'Sub-Lime', which I can assume is derived from the mermaid/turquoise shadow inside.The pigments themselves can be worn sheer or can be built up for a stronger wash of colour, which I like as I am a fan of layering my shades to custom fit. The brush supplied is pretty good, I was happy with the way it picked up the pigment. There is quite a bit of fallout if you overload the brush, that doesn't really bother me though, as I'm into pigments at the moment.

I generally use the lighter shade for my brow bone, and put a sheer wash of the golden toned shade over my whole eyelid. I hardly use the 'lime' shade (more of a neutral/warm toned shadow gal) and the colour I am in love with is the rose tone! I get a sort of rose gold vibe from this one, each shade has tiny flecks of gold shimmer in it and I think it works best with this warm pink colour.

To apply the pigments you dip the thin brush into a hole in the top of the container and pick some up. I carry this in my makeup bag when I stay at Mister Christopher's, and no spillage has occurred, I'm attributing that to the fold over design of the palette which keeps the pigment safe and secure, as well as the push-button close that shuts the whole thing. Sorry about my dodgy swatch images, I'm using my Iphone as my camera is woeful, so for now it's the best I can put up. We have the rose gold shade first, then the golden tone, 'lime' and the pearlescent white highlighter.
I have heard that these palettes are discontinued, so if you happen to spy one in the dodgy basket at your Priceline I vote grab one, if not for yourself then for little ol' me!

emmabovary x


  1. I just wrapped the one I got for my sister. I can't remember the name of the colours but they were more gold-y. I'll let you know what she thinks of them!

  2. It's called 'Whisper Sweet Neutrals',the colours are quite pale but your sister is a tad darker than me so they should be okay=)Review of that one is early next week!


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