Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cosmecology Paris // Hydra Skin Hydrating Face Cream

As much as I adore and appreciate the appeal of prestige French skincare, the reality is that I am not always able to indulge in it. I am currently completing my post grad at university, and the pressures of buying a new home and planning a wedding often take a toll on my cosmetic addiction. When I found out that there was an affordable French skincare brand by the name of Cosmecology Paris, I was intrigued.

No outer packaging demonstrates how much the company prides itself on being environmentally aware, and the clear white tubes splashed with colourfully classy ingredient symbols is an attractive addition to my skincare loot. At the Cosmecology Paris launch in South Yarra I had a good sniff of most of the haircare, skincare and bodycare, and I am happy to report that everything smells deliciously fruity and divine!

I have been using the Hydra Skin*  facial moisturiser for quite a long time now and I am about to run out, so I thought it time to sit down and share this product with you. Fruity and nourishing, this aloe + hyaluronic acid filled moisturiser is thicker than a lotion but still sinks in quite fast. I use a pea sized amount each morning and night (though in the PM I use it in conjunction with a serum or facial oil) and though I feel as though it could sink a little deeper, I’m content with how much it moisturises my face. It leaves a slightly shiny finish to the skin, but because I always put it on before bed or under makeup it doesn’t faze me at all.

Priced at only $28 for 50ml, this is a good every day skin moisturiser for all skin types that brings a touch of French skincare to your cabinet, without hurting your purse. I would ideally prefer a matte finish, so those with extremely oily skins may want to look to the Cosmecology Paris Mattifying Face Cream instead.

Cosmecology Paris is salon only, for stockists please ring 1300 300 954. 
What French skincare do you adore?
*This product was provided for consideration. Honesty, always.


  1. I've never heard of this brand but it sounds lovely!

    1. @Sarah it has some seriously lovely products, the smell of them all has me swooning :)

  2. Cosmecology Paris is in salons only around Australia Sarah. Caring for the face, body and hair as well. Alittle goes along way. Do telephone 1300 300 954 for your nearest salon stockist.

    1. @Robyn thanks for the info Robyn, much appreciated :)


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