Thursday, May 16, 2013

What's On My Face // Placement Edition

I began the daunting task of my first rounds of student teaching over a month ago now, and though at first I shook like a leaf and was constantly lost, I am absolutely loving the chance to sink my teeth into what will hopefully be my future career. Since I'm used to wearing bright eye looks to work and university, the change to a teaching position means I've had to evaluate my look. I decided that though my school is quite casual in style I would still tone down my makeup, at least until I get to know the students and they are comfortable around me. I'd rather be known as 'that teacher who helped me with the tricky question' than 'that teacher with the cool eyeshadow!', you know?
My face staples have naturally been lazy morning staples such as Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed and Australis Curve Ink liner*, but I’ve been throwing a bit of essence Hot Chocolate liner in as well. Chanel Troublant and Stila Glaze are top lip picks, and Chanel makes another appearance with the Pink Explosion JC which lasts all day long on my cheeks.
My default eye look has been a simple one that I trust will last the long work day, and I'm really happy with how it has been working and lasting for me so far. As always, I set a base of MAC Painterly paint pot to give the shadows something to adhere to and to stop them from creasing up as the day goes on. I then go in with my Maybelline Bad to the Bronze Color Tattoo, which creates a nice bronzed chocolate base for my eye. I use my fingers for both of these cream products, and then I head in with a sweet of Maybelline Silken Taupe to ice up the look a wee bit, and just add some interest. It’s quite a strange mix that I stumbled across, but I like the way it makes my eyes pop and is easy to apply.

What makeup look do you turn to for work days? Do you tend to wear neutrals to err on the safe side?

*Provided for consideration. Honesty, always.


  1. This is a great neutral everyday look and it still looks interesting with the light catching shimmer. I love it!

  2. Gorgeous eye look! When I was on placement I was reaching for a cream eye shadow and then a soft brown in the crease. It was quick and easy!


  3. I love what Silken Taupe does to Bad to the Bronze! I'm going to have to give that a try.

  4. Pretty eyes!

    Bad to the Bronze is the best shit ever. It's not only awesome by itself, but also makes other shadows look even better. <3

  5. Wonderful makeup :)
    How old are the students you teach? :) I worked for a year as an assistant at an elementary school and the kids were around 8 years old :) it was so much fun :)
    My days are rather lazy lately so I mostly just wear mascara, eyeliner and a pink or red lip :)

  6. Silken Taupe is such an easy shade to wear - I wore it again just recently too and I like it as a fuss-free colour wash all over the lids. I love your idea of combining it with Bad to the Bronze though. I'm making a mental note of that! xo

  7. When I was working outside of the home, I would play around with safe colours - neutrals mainly and go boom with my lips! Easier and quicker for me to get ready if all I had to worry about were applying bold lip colours ;) Loved your neutral and "respectable" makeup Emma. Although, even if you did where heavier colours for your eyes, doubt the kids would treat you differently.


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