Thursday, October 29, 2015

Anniversary Nails; Rose Cashmere with Razzle & Dazzle

When it came to choosing a nail colour for our anniversary weekend away, I knew I wanted to choose a feminine looking shade that would push me outside of my comfort zone a little bit. As soon as I saw Michele1218 wearing a chic neutral in this video I decided to go down that route...what I eventually decided on was much more pink in tone but I was still happy with the dusty nature of the shade and how the glitter made it a little more festive for our mini-break!
I'm definitely happier with how this looks on my newly applied acrylics, my nails are too weak to polish so I like to get clear acrylics and be able to enjoy my nail polish collection properly! I chose L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Le Vernis in Rose Cashmere, which is a dusty pink mauve crème that screams chic to me, almost like a grown up Barbie colour? It's pulling a bit more purple in these photos than it looks in reality, I definitely recommend checking out this L'Oreal range in store as most of my favourite shades come from this line and can be hard to capture on the fly!

I topped my last two fingers with a coat of Savvy by DB's Razzle & Dazzle which is way prettier on the nail than the bottle would suggest (check out this full mani I found online, it's stunning!) I love the way the fine gold shimmer and pink hexes tie in with the base shade perfectly, I can't wait to see what this topper looks like on top of other manicures, too!
When you wear a glitter accent, which fingers do you paint?
What is your favourite feminine nail shade?
-Emma x


  1. Gorgeous colour - so chic! I love soft dove greys for a modern take on feminine but this is lovely :)

    1. Thank you so much - I think I was channelling my inner lady when I chose this ;) I am planning on wearing a lilac soon too, I wonder what is coming over me!

  2. Really pretty! I hope you had a nice Anniversary! ;)

    1. Thanks Tracy! We had a great long weekend in the city, lots of nice food and a visit to the aquarium which was magical!

  3. Oh my goodness what a wonderful manicure :)
    So happy you had a wonderful anniversary :)
    Next year it will be mine and Freddis 10 year anniversary :)
    When I do accent nails I always paint my ring finger nails and my index finger nails... or just my ring finger nails :)
    My favorite feminine nail shade... wow that was a really good question... I will have to think about that... maybe do a blog post about it :)


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