Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Perfect Pink Duo

Forever on the search for a perfect pink lip option, I recently stumbled upon a combination that is a match made in heaven. My Essence affair continues with their Stay With Me lipgloss in 'Me & My Icecream', which I'm loving layered over L'oreal Colour Riche Serum lipstick in Freshly Candy (these products were also featured here, in my July Favourites)

Essence 'Me and My Icecream'

Swatch on hand
The shade does remind me of strawberry ice cream, and though I don't think this is crazily long lasting, it is decent and lasts the same length of time as my other glosses. On it's own it's slighly milky and looks very sweet, it's something you can put on without a mirror so it's great to stash in your handbag for touch ups. The colour isn't opaque, so I find this to be a great layering gloss for popping on top of a lot of my pink lip shades.

Sturdy packaging, note a sticker on lid

The applicator for this gloss is a bit strange, it has two round sections with a dip in the middle. It applies a good amount of product on your lips when you apply using the dipped section, which looks like this:

Gloss being applied
The reason I point this out is that it's close to being too far into your mouth, almost as if you are eating the product. If you tilt it, it's not really a bother though. I tend to use the end of the applicator more often than not, and it's a lot more comfortable than I thought the round tip against the lip would be. Something I dislike about it? That the shade name is only mentioned on the sticker on the gloss lid. I like my makeup to look as best as it possibly can, but I can't take the stickers off for fear of forgetting the shade names!

Freshly Candy swatch, Essence swatch, then them both layered
I adore L'Oreal's Colour Riche Serum formulation, but sometimes feel that they are just a little too creamy for everyday. I love the way 'Me & My Icecream' tones down the lipstick formulation, and makes it much more wearable. The duo still looks nice and creamy, though, which is nice. Sadly, I'm a silly beauty blogger and neglected to take a snap of myself wearing Freshly Candy on it's own, so will post this sometime soon for you. This is what the two pink products create together:

The finished look!
This look is great to pair with smoky eyes, but I've also worn it on lazy days with nothing but a sweep of taupe shadow on my lids. I'm really enjoying the Essence glosses, so much so that I've been picking a new shade up each week! They retail for $3.95, so it's really hard to resist! The L'Oreal lippies are $26.95 and are available where you usually buy your L'Oreal.

Have you tried something similar to this combo that I could try?
Have you tried either of this pink prodz?
emmabovary xx


  1. Pretty ^_^
    I really want to try essence products!

  2. Lovely! I'm a fan of creamy pinks :)

  3. Such a pretty colour- looks really cute!

    Great review xoxoxo

  4. @Yami- thank you! I'm really loving Essence stuff at the moment, so darn cheap too

    @Gillian-I love creamy pinks a lot, more lately than ever!

    @Annica- Thank you! xx

  5. Pretty pink lips - what more could a girl ask for? :)

    P.S. - saw your tweet mentioned in this month's Shop Till You Drop mag :P

  6. Looks great, I love that shade! Who stocks Essence products, I haven't seen them before?

  7. @Ling - not much more! And I hadn't seen it yet (have assignments to do before I'm allowed to read Shop;)) thanks hun!

    @Di- If you head to the Essence AU facebook page they have a list of Target stores that stock it, and priceline has a limited range also=)


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